10 Tips From A Coach To Better Manage My Money

Learn How to Manage Money

No need to wait to be rich to learn to manage money. On the contrary, to make our economies grow (albeit very small) as we become. Nathalie Cariou, coach and financial expert are convinced. We provide valuable money management tips to make it.

Make your accounts

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This is very banal, but everything starts from there. Their accounts not only check that the bank failed. Is to keep your spending, you know where the money by spending categories. Until we know this, there is absolutely no way to manage money. It is best to their accounts once a week, so it will take us some time.

Operate by «on»

When you have a project that we will ask for some money, such as vacation, you can run over. If we will allocate a budget before you go and will try to the maximum level with it. Every day, it is not the money spent to control their consumption. Once you reach the limit, you will be forced to make decisions to avoid (too) going over. It is less frustrating than to say that is a bit tight financially, do not follow their spending and guilt with every purchase.

Thinking of the annual budget

for clothes or pleasure, you can set a budget for the year (300 euros per month, for example, or 2 400 euros/year). It will be easier than to rebalance the year if you want to give a room a bit expensive as it will be easier to give up a way out, it is one among others.

Empty closets to relieve your food budget

in the habit of cleaning. Your kitchen cupboards and empty for a month we will eat the surplus in the cupboards and freezer. Of course, you can buy fresh packages to finish the old pasta vegetables, but they really try to get to the bottom of your closet to be as empty as possible because they tend to store well. Obviously, we can not do the same with your clothes sell their beautiful rooms, rediscover and give other clothes … which will delay some of our future purchases.

Do not hesitate to consult a financial advisor

for people who have difficult months, I advise them to seek an outside view. The way we handle money, but it is also a story we tell ourselves and that we are not always aware. The look of a coach provides to regain control of your finances without guilt.

Remember to put aside money each month

Even if it is a small sum, it is important. We must begin as soon as possible and do so earlier this month, otherwise the risk of having nothing in the end run. We deposit your passbook or ELP. I advise keeping aside between 2 and 6 needs (the equivalent of two to six months salary) to be quiet and be able to invest the rest.

Investing in real estate (even in one study)

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This is the perfect placement for young people. It is best placed to 25 years to invest in real estate than any other time of life. At that age, they often have a very low cost, sometimes roommate in with their parents or with her boyfriend. So it costs less and can afford to invest in a studio to rent (or go to live there). This is not true everywhere, but sometimes no contribution is required to obtain a loan.

As a couple, we maintain three separate accounts

This obviously depends on the history of each, but the idea is to have three accounts, both individual and joint account. It is best to two accounts (but rare). If a person earns much less than the other, although it is that makes accounts to maintain visibility of what is happening. This is not because he has no control over the provision should not feel concerned about managing money home. This will restore the balance.

We do not believe that the banker can read in our head

You should not hesitate to go to him to tell our plans. We tend to believe they should have plenty of money to go to your banker, which is absolutely false. We can not have anything but go see for all we know, we can estimate the severity.

Daring to invest in stocks

Investing is always taking a risk. However, the more you are informed and less to take risks. Ultimately, it can take as much risk by listening to our banker without understanding what it says, ourselves and invest in the stock market. Obviously, this requires to be interested and to report regularly. We can start with a small investment. We can work with the bag of 300 euros in taking an account with an online broker (with less, it is expensive in cost).

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