10 Ways to Save Money

How to Save Money Fast on a Low Income

You know, there is no small economy. A penny is a penny! And if you take some good intentions now? Go out of a closet piggy bank, for example?

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Set your monthly budget

Open an Excel workbook and observe your mandatory expenses (rent, electricity, taxes, gas, telephone, internet, safe …) and in the same way regardless of income (salary, benefits …). So your profit will be in the month and you can set the amount of spending on “vain”. It is ideal to spend 50% of their income on compulsory expenditure, 25% in the cost of “frivolous” and 25% savings.

Use liquid instead of credit card

The credit card gives the impression to pay too. Withdrawing and paying cash, you realize the best money you spend. To control your budget, you can set a sum of money to remove the entire month, but if it sticks!

Trap Overdraft


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Have I negotiated a credit limit with your banker? It’s good but this should not deceive spend more than the pretense that you can go negative. Unexpected overdrafts are used for collecting agios situations. The overdraft allows $ 20 to fall into a vicious circle, and to say $ 30 a month following will not be much. But to be optimistic financially better aim to cover the overdraft. Spend no more than you have!

Review your insurance contracts

Safe housing in an insurance company, insurance for the car in another … Are you registered with full insurance (mutual social security, …) but it has been proven since they were no longer registered for that risk secure both at once? Sometimes you can make huge savings!

5 Keep rolling

It’s silly but consumes 1 liter less per day while driving can afford to save sacred! Make sure you always have the proper transmission ratio and generally not exceed 3,000 revolutions per minute, it is a sign that consumes too much. Also, maintain a constant speed, anticipating a slowdown, bet on good pressure and good use of claim can push to make savings. You can also choose to share (unless recurring long trips) to share, besides being economical is good for the environment!

Turn the device on hold

Repeat enough, a device in standby mode consumes much less. A few dollars in the monthly consumption reaches 20 or 30 $ in the year. There are no small savings!

Your expense report

This is taking note of your expenses you will realize really what you spend and what you really need. Do not forget to note small gluttony bought the afternoon or magazine that bought yesterday. Consider the costs to make savings in the order of 10%.

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Money-Saving Strategies in a Company

There are four ways for a company to deal with an economic crisis. These four forms, which are essential steps to get through an economic crisis, are as follows: crises follow the speed of a tsunami is very important for a head of conscious and aware of business financial and economic turmoil, how to deal with an economic crisis (experts predict the next financial crisis in 2018).

  • Understand the meaning of economic indicators
  • Ask a realistic diagnosis
  • Quickly prepare an action plan
  • Run fast and well the action plan

These are the four ways to deal with an economic crisis. Four shapes that represent steps in the order without losing any. You should not take measures before preparing an action plan. Do not prepare an action plan without asking for a realistic diagnosis beforehand. And the diagnosis results from the analysis of economic indicators, reading, in fact, and interpretation.

For each of these steps, the quality of analysis of the situation and timeliness is crucial.

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