12 Steps, and Three Pillars to Financial Independence and Free Cash Flow

Please note that most of these statistics exclude the millions of unemployed who have given up seeking work or are not employed full-time. It’s not even for the homeless and those who are no longer on the achievements.

Die the real unemployment rate in the US alone, probably between 17-20%. Die unemployment in California alone, according to estimates, real 22%.

Most of these people are either bankrupt or cocoons in debt, die bald bankrupt, and will not go away.

Many of even larger financial problems.

You may think that death will not happen. But as you think it is time you protect yourself and your family from these difficulties?

There is a way, but it needs to be the diverse and practice-oriented approach.

Most people don’t know this but there’s many, the ends of the sectors of the economy, while some sectors collapse.

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Take, for example, the Internet.

There are over 2 BILLION active users with a MILLION NEW users log on to the net every day. This means that 300 million new users joined the Internet revolution of the last 10 weeks.

Amazon paid 4 billion euros in the form of premium rewards to their partners.

Google has paid 8 billion.

ClickBank has paid off with 110.000 branches and how to write it more than $ 1.6 billion of its clients. This is not counting paid such a large sum, its branches. That is ClickBank profit. I think that the Central Bank had to do more than 3 billion in sales, able to pay this amount to its customers.

Partners are not just a few extra hundred a month. Some incredible income. I know a super-affiliate, of whom 2.4 million last year selling other people’s ebooks and products. He doesn’t even need your own website. I know people who have 3000 $ per day. I also know people who are more modest income around $1000 a week. Regardless, there are people with a good income on the Internet, and your income will be better, not worse.

It is another 26 years-is an employee who for 4 years before serving approximately 7 million in revenue.

This is the new millionaires and the number is continuously growing every day.

However, before dying may need to teach people how the “spirit” of their money. Money online can run as fast as some of the basic principles of money management do not come if you know.

As the money minding Advisor I teach people how to start investing and generate free cash flow by following a simple 12 step plan of action:

Step one:

Take a note from your present blessings. Be grateful for it if you had. 40% of the world population will be sent live on less than $2 a day. If she dies, read, you’re probably not in that category. It’s one thing to be grateful for. It gives a lot more. You are on the list here.

Step two:

You know where you want to go, in one year, three years, five years and ten years down the road. Defined in the description of yourself, your goals. Instead of «I want a house» write on paper «I want 3000 bales of straw sq. m. on 5-acre ranch 5 miles from downtown Santa Cruz».

Step three:

Find Out where they are now. To be specified. What is your assessment of the assets and liabilities? What are your income and expenses? Decompose it.

Step four:

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Implementation systems that need to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future. You run by you will be able to get a handle on your credit, understanding credit and how they use this property for the formation. You will also learn how to use your credit card for cost-effectiveness. You need to find out if their commitments and the cost of implementation.

Step five:

Create, save and give habits. Die financial independence begins with determining WHY you are aiming for first place. What it means to die, financial independence really mean to you? What are their life desires? You do NOT need to have their ideas in mind that a budget means sacrificing what you want in life. It will not prevent expansion.

Step six:

Work on your income. Most consultants you get focused on trying to make a million dollars to retire. Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but a million dollars in the Bank today now die of interest does not make you will deliver more revenue. $40,000 per year approximately, it was possible to see that sitting in the Bank. If you are lucky you could see up to $100,000 per year. However, in 20 years can’t buy a lot of dies.

Step seven:

Issues and build relationships with bankers, lawyers, auditors, accountants, investment advisors, rich mentors, financial planner, insurance broker, real estate agent have done a mortgage broker, and so on. Dies will help you to build your «dream team».

Step eight:

Provide adequate insurance and Reserve Fund, and make sure you configure up-to-date wills and powers of attorney. Dying will make sure that everything is taken care of by its passing. This is for young people too. Many young people think it’s something when you’re old and gray. Well, it’s real to consider, when they are young because nobody knows when to go to the death of light.

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Step nine:

Clear the disorder, develop supportive relationships, you get your time management under control, and eliminate obstacles. One of the obstacles you can set up all the debt. To develop in this step, you will learn wise credit habits and understand the difference between good and bad credit debt. Using credit cards can be your friend. To die rich is very good with credit cards, but you should call OPM (Other people’s money). You need to understand the difference between an excessive debt for decorations and toys, but also decorations you can them a lot of pleasure and credit to enjoy free cash flow without the burden of uncontrollable debt is to die.

Step ten:

With their debts under control, cash then skips stepping Ten, how to start investing in assets that produce positive-flow. This can from real estate, return on stocks, the company can produce, Forex, and so on. Part of this work is understanding the language of investing, understand your investment personality, risk profile, and able to assess risks and opportunities.

Step Eleven:

Start to invest for long-term growth and financial independence. After submitting a positive cash flow you have now something to the investment portfolio to increase. This is where to work in the long term, you start a substantial amount of money to build the plant and grow something for a long time with your Advisor to choose from.

Step twelve:

This step all about diversifying in the short term, to become a rich diversity, and more volatile or creative investment. Because you built, or are building a strong financial Foundation, they can afford now, one step out of the box a little. At this stage of the study of investment, which can, in turn, 30% to 6000% per year (if you hit it lucky!)

Some of these types of investments could include:

  1. Forex trading managed accounts, private Forex investment clubs)
  2. Internet business or invest
  3. Venture Capital Investment
  4. Options
  5. Penny-Stock-trading (system!)
  6. Real Estate Ventures
  7. Presold Raw Material Contracts

Generate-Cash-Flow image

Then I concentrate on the fact that they are the three main pillars of success:

  1. Increases Passive cash flow due to the increase of asset (cash flow generating units)
  2. To manage the duty of the Intellectual (use to create assets, not liabilities)
  3. The creation of a business cash flow by applying effective online advertising will bring to the enterprise for your online or offline business. Every company needs clients. Everyone should. also, for a better business tax planning and as companies offer a much higher return on your money than a Bank There is a much low-risk investment in the company, to achieve online and offline, is dying very quickly.

It is important to understand that dying at this time, the economy will not die, and transformers. This is one of the largest transfer of property is happening right now, and your financial literacy is a key question, the page you have translated.

63% of households in your Yellow pages were thrown into baskets, and «Googling», instead we have to rethink.

When Newspapers and radio stations are going belly up, we should reconsider.

If more people in the network primetime television, we have to rethink.

As an alternative technology and green technology for millions of investors, while the dying oil reserves and falling prices, we need to review again.

There are sinking ships and Golden ships. We have to get out of Titanics and Board the new ships, the path to the New Economy.


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