Companies that Growing in 2018-2019 Regardless of Economic Conditions

It is an uncertain time for the actions. The Dow and the S & P 500 have fallen in the year, and investors are now recovering their breath after the chaos of late summer on Wall Street. Global growth this year is heading to its lowest level since 2009 and nearly a third of the investors surveyed by E * Trade and CNN-Money are worried about a possible recession in 2020-2021. But recently, Morgan Stanley compiled a list of their favorite actions which “can grow stronger, even if the global economy grows more slowly” than expected.

Top companies that growing in 2018-2019 regardless of economic conditions

1. Google

Google logo


GOOGLE Performance so far of 2018: + 28% As advertising dollars move to the digital world, Google is the biggest winner. Morgan Stanley loves its “excellent position” in the world of online advertising. Not only Google is home to the favorite search engine on the planet, but that YouTube is the world’s largest video platform with online advertising.

2. Facebook

Facebook logo


FB Performance so far of 2018: + 21% Facebook can boast of having not just one, but three major social platforms. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Its two acquisitions – Instagram and WhatsApp – are also growing rapidly. That’s why Morgan Stanley argues that Facebook has a “huge opportunity” to capture one increasing share of dollars in digital advertising in the future.


Salesforce logo


CRM Performance so far of 2018: + 27% Cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of technology. is a great site to take advantage of this revolution. Among other things, analyze big data to identify the behavior and enterprise customers buying patterns. Morgan Stanley bet that will generate tons of money in cash in the next few years. 4 Under Armour Symbol: UA Performance so far of 2018: + 43%

It has been a magnificent year for Stephen Curry and Under Armour, the sports brand that sponsors it. Under Armour, shares have soared 44 percent this year, and Morgan Stanley does not believe that its roof is near. The firm is betting that Under Armour can score sales growth exceeding 20% in the coming years, thanks to the innovation of products, international expansion and its division of sports devices.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks logo


SBUX Performance so far of 2018: + 43% Americans love to drink coffee for the caffeine. Investors love coffee for their wide margins.Starbucks is the King of this category and its sales have soared in the country and abroad. Starbucks is also investing in technology through its application, which allows customers to place orders and track rewards for loyalty.

5. Apple

Apple logo


AAPL Performance so far of 2018: – 0.15% Apple is the favorite United States action and has not finished growing. Morgan Stanley believes that the perfect cocktail of Apple’s higher prices, repeated purchases and the expansion of iPhone in China will drive the next phase of growth. The firm is also bullish on new markets of Apple, including wearable devices and even possibly auto.

6. Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies logo


AVGO Performance so far of 2018: + 17% Do you’ve never heard of Avago Technologies? The supplier of Apple caused a stir earlier this year, agreeing to acquire its rival Broadcom chip maker for $ 37,000 million. Morgan Stanley loves the “dominant” market shares of Avago filters premium for smartphones in the middle of the wide adoption of LTE smartphones.

7. Monster Beverage

Monster Beverage logo


MAINSTAY Performance so far of 2018: + 19% Monster shares have risen 36 percent over the past year, but Morgan Stanley does not believe that those gains do justice to the potential of growth of the leader of the company of energy drinks. Monster should benefit from a strong spending of consumers, a strong international growth, higher prices and greater coordination with Coca-Cola.

8. Chipotle

Chipotle logo


CMG Performance so far of 2018: + 5% Chipotle is stealing sales to the other fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger giant that once possessed a large share of the market. Chipotle has a leading position in the fast food by providing better food at decent prices.Analysts believe that growth should continue as Chipotle expands in the United States and abroad.

9. American Tower

American Tower logo


AMT Performance so far of 2018: – 6% Cell phone towers are no longer part sexy mobile boom but they are a stable and crucial factor as consumers increase their use of data. This is why American Tower is thriving, and analysts expect strong dividend growth in the coming years.

10. Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Alexion Pharmaceuticals logo


ALXN Performance so far of 2018: – 17% Soliris is Alexion Pharmaceuticals key. Morgan Stanley says that this medicine of high sales for blood diseases could generate additional sales for 1,000 million dollars if it is approved for the treatment of other rare diseases next year.Two additional drugs are about to be launched in the coming months also.

11. Celgene

Celgene logo


CELG Performance so far of 2018: + 2% Biotechnology shares have gone from boom to collapse in recent months. But at least some shares of biotechnology could have been unfairly punished. Celgene continues to generate strong sales growth, led by its treatment for multiple myeloma Revlimid.

12. Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors logo


TSLA Performance so far of 2018: – 2% Morgan Stanley, Adam Jonas, auto sector Analyst really loves Tesla. He believes that Tesla can master an automotive industry reinvented that receive almost all their sales of cars driven by robots and shared. He believes that the action could increase by more than double to $465 in next 2019 year.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo


LNKD Performance so far of 2018: – 15% LinkedIn has the opportunity to become the “Facebook for professional advertising”, says Morgan Stanley. That would be great for action due to the fact that LinkedIn is already reaping the benefits of a world that increasingly turns to the Internet in search of jobs or talent to fill the professional vacancies.

14. Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences logo


EW Performance so far of 2018: + 13% Edwards Lifesciences is a very important participant in the market for artificial heart valves.Morgan Stanley believes that the aortic valve market will increase five times its size in the next 10 years, becoming a clear winner to Edwards Lifesciences.

15. KKR

KKR logu


KKR Performance so far of 2018: – 24% As a leading private equity firm, it is assumed that KKR must Excel in the selection of winners and losers. But the performance of their own actions so far of the year looks loser, with a 23% drop. Morgan Stanley believes that is only is a temporary short-term problem, and that the company aims to capture a part of the growing amount of money flowing into alternatives.

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