Factors that Influence the Forex Market

The daily publication of key economic indicators globally and here we mention related specific indicators: growth or decrease in savings or better known as GDP, IPCs that provide inflation rates and related job creation or export level considerably constitute strong influence on high or low trends in foreign exchange markets, such as Forex Market, so keep an eye on them will be a way to strengthen their decisions.

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The Main Factors that Influence the Currency Trading Market


Politics Influence the Forex Market imageFacts and events specifically related to the country in question or even political decisions involving an international group of countries can influence with great intensity the prices of currencies, strengthening or weakening a currency against the currency position of others.



Forex_market imageInterest rates; the determination of differential rates between countries has been considered one of the most important factors, nowadays this panorama has changed, and this is not so linear. Surplus (positive influence) and Deficits (generate negative influence) of the trade balance of the country; trend and level of inflation; economic growth, government intervention (central banks and provisional or definitive laws).The expectations of major exporters also set great influence with the global exchange rate trends.


Extraordinary factors imageBombings wars and natural disasters can also influence very strongly the economic conditions and consequently exchange rate in the short, medium and long term in both the countries involved and in that by a factor or another depend on some of the global connection of economies.

These three factors individually or together form key several time directly related to the psychology of the market, which in the general context can be defined as the foreign exchange market ahead of behavior that has occurred or even still occurring factors, triggering an uptrend or low in certain related currencies. Porting do a good composition project where sources of information can be selected, may prove to be a great composition strategy for carrying out market operations.

Stay updated with the greatest possible number of facts connected with the world economy, especially the countries that has the most power over the global economy is a major factor of excellence for the development of a closer analytical sense possible you leave fit together with other tools to monitor the development.

Because not always the factors has enough strength to reverse the direction that follows the pattern confusion. Porting always keep in mind that the information only server to assist in their analysis and questioning and critical opposite sense to the true directional percentage that a currency is to walk, must be present at all times.

Broker, Clearing Houses, Banks

Broker, Clearing Houses, BanksIn recent times the Forex market has evolved, with the participants beyond the traditional banks also other financial institutions and brokers (Brokers), market makers, investment consulting and non-financial institutions. It is a market that operates 24 hours and has a very interesting feature of not having a central business or operational seat (physical location), as is the case of traditional values and future bags that, in addition, offer few hours activities.

The currency trading market is driven by the influence of major global business centers (London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Genoa and Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong).

Computer network

Currency-Trading-Market imageThe transactions are carried out through a computerized network of banks and corporations that initiate the opening in Sydney in Australia and having close in New York in the US through all major financial centers worldwide. Approximately 80% of the operations has as the following base currencies: the US dollar, the euro, yen, Swiss franc, pound, Canadian Australian dollar and the Australian dollar.

With the growth of technology involving online trading platforms (software that allows the purchase/sale of the market operations (see below for details)), the Forex market is open to all private investors and smaller financial institutions.

Let us know below, some of the best companies and international banks offering the technology needed for entry to the forex market international. Ou is, are these companies that will provide you with the operator / smaller investor access by the network of major banks International through an operating platform of last technology where through your computer you will have access to operating a real or demo account.

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