Five Essential Apps for Investors

The iPad has proven to be a godsend for businessmen who are on the road a lot and none more so than people who work in finance and investment. Investors don’t always want to be stuck in front of a computer screen in an office when they could make the same decisions whilst out on the road (or even on a beach). If you are someone who does nothing but thinks about their investments, whether as a professional or a keen part-timer, then you will find the iPad to be an invaluable aid to your investing career. In this article, we’ll consider the best financial and FX apps aimed specifically at investors.

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Investment-Based Apps

There are all kinds of other apps for financial organization, taxes, and loans — many of which are among the best financial apps you can buy and which have been extensively reviewed elsewhere — but we are going to concentrate on purely investment-based apps. The apps reviewed here have been chosen for their usefulness to investors and traders and for their reliability and effectiveness. If you are an investor and own an iPad you might want to seriously consider the following apps, organized by category:

For Your Financial News

CNBC and Bloomberg are two separate apps but they are listed together here because they both perform a similar function and both do it quite well. Both are free to use and both provide you with the exceptional financial news. Of the two of them, Bloomberg is slightly better for hardcore investors as it has more direct financial news and provides a much broader cross-section of international stocks. CNBC is a wonderful source of financial news too, with a fantastic design and layout and incredible ease of use but it cannot match Bloomberg for in-depth news, quotes, and graphs. But both are free and both are worth downloading.

For Your Technical Analysis

When it comes to technical indicators and financial statements the best app is Stock Watch. Stock Watch provides all kinds of technical indicators such as stochastic and MACD, although you will need to spend some time learning how to use them in order to use the app to its full potential.

For Hedge Fund Holdings

Stock Guru is the only hedge fund holding tracker on the market at the moment and it is worth it if you like to track hedge funds. Hedge fund holdings are only updated every quarter, unlike analyst ratings but some investors like to follow them nevertheless, as they are a good reference. This is one way of doing exactly that, although it could do with having one or two more hedge funds in it, something which the developers are no doubt working on.

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For Analyst Ratings

Any investor worth their salt knows that keeping track of what the professional analysts think can only help you with your investments. Analyst ratings can have an effect on the stocks in your portfolio, so keeping on top of them is a must. They might not be a fully reliable indicator, but they are an indicator and do have an influence on prices. Analyst Rating Tracker follows the ratings on all your favorite stocks as well as following analysts too.

For Viewing Financial Statements and Ratios

Financial Statement Viewer is the only app you will need when it comes to viewing a company’s financial statements and ratios. It is often crucial to your decision about investing in a company that you can go back over five or six years to look at their financial statements. Though many companies offer this on the web for free for a couple of years, Financial Statement Viewer is the only app that goes back as far as it does. It also, more importantly, offers all kinds of financial ratios, such as short interest ratio, total debt & equity ratio, current ratio and PE ratio. For those ratios alone this is a must-download fx app.

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