2008 Financial Crisis – Is it the End?

Global Financial Crisis 2008 Causes and Effects

Most financiers and politicians predicted the end of the economic crisis by 2008-2012, but as statistics show, its consequences continue to affect the world economy in our time. The global financial crisis in 2008 for the US began with the stock market crash….and then no one could answer: this is only the beginning or is already the end. Comparable in scale to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In 2008, world GDP for the first time since the end of World War II showed a negative value.

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The Central Bankers of the concern met this past weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Known for hoards of Deer, Elk, hunters and hamburgers, this relatively small frontier town became the center of the financial concern for a few life — and will be widely remembered from this day forth as the place in which the global 2008 financial crisis was officially declared over.

Just don’t tell those 14% of industrialized workers who are without work, don’t tell those farmers who are selling items at 2/3rds less than what they were the last assemblage because of trade restrictions, and don’t tell the Central Bankers themselves, because in the end — the meeting and declaration was more politically motivated than factually motivated.

Jean-Claude Trichet, the EU Central Bank President, gave a speech that crapper be defined as optimistic, or if you are one of those protagonists, you could hit derived a negative message from him.

Ben Bernanke who heads up the US federal reserve was chipper and growth focused in his remarks — notwithstanding the actual numbers, he used words like «I feel» and «in my opinion» to exposit the economic recovery — terms usually reserved for politicians and not drawing oriented Central Bankers. Good for him though as President Obama rewarded him with another term as Fed chairman for his efforts.

The Forex marketplace this hebdomad has been slow and light, most everyone is off in some vacation spot, perhaps hunting Deer and Elk or eating burgers. Forex traders hit not been moving the markets these past few life — and neither has any news for the most part.

The season is rotation down

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Quarter 4 is around the crossway and the concern is apprehensively awaiting something to happen. In Europe, Germany’s growth and true recession exit are marred by the other EU countries that are ease suffering double-digit unemployment and negative growth.

In the US everyone, including the politicians and policymakers are on vacation, trying to regroup and figure discover how to spend another Trillion Dollars that they don’t hit on a healthcare package. And in China, they are selling their Dollars (shhhhhh).

In a concern in which the lines between fact and semipolitical fiction, it is difficult to pin just where this economy is going. Yes, there are some signs that things are getting better, but there also so many signs that there is bad news on the horizon.

In the past 3 months alone, 650 banks hit closed in the EU and US — the pains are ease there from last year. Unemployment drawing is ease rising — and the politicians warn us this is a feat to hap for a while longer.

But something is happening, we are achievement a critical point in which something will happen. My belief is that it will not be good, but it crapper turn discover to be positive — the haze of season is upon us and Forex traders and online Forex bloggers like me are hunting for a fortuity in the air — a little clarity — and we are not getting it from those who are charged with honesty and truthfulness.

Keep your eyes open — next hebdomad will be a good one for numbers. For this week, enjoy the quiet, it is usually like this before the storm.

The world isn’t as good after 2008 financial crisis

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Back from vacation and it looks as if the momentum has shifted absently from the Dollar. Don’t say I did not warn you all. The problem is, and it was evident in my last few posts before I embarked on week’s respite, that every these official, also famous as politicians, are making big and brave statements that are not based on fact.

Two weeks past had I said to you that the unemployment situation in the US was bad and getting worse you might have laughed — after every the initial drawing two Thursday’s past were great, inferior grouping were filing for unemployment.

But, as you look back I did verify you this — and this past Thursday we saw what happens when you calculate your chickens before they hatch.

If you were not watching the numbers, let us just say that they were not pretty. From the mid-20’s to the mid 50’s in new filers for unemployment — the large drop took everyone by surprise.

And if we were to focus on the retail sales, dropping same a stone — or on the consumer confidence, nonexistent — or on the durable goods orders, flat — what is the bright spot for the US Dollar right now? Only ten life ago, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and President Obama were touting how they ransomed the US economy — how And from what? I must ask.

While the rest of the world seems to be crawling out of recession (see France, Germany, Australia and New Sjaelland and most recently this morning, Japan), the US is still in deep trouble.

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Not that I buy the GDP drawing from those countries just yet — the Eurozone is still in bad shape, England is having problems and Nihon is too reliant on exports to feel that safe yet.

Forex traders and Forex online enthusiasts are confused by every this and the trading patterns of these currencies prove it.

I said this before and I will say it again, go with your cord — do not believe everything you hear from an open official — read the drawing and then read how they figure them and then ingest your brain.

Trading the Forex is not difficult if you put in your instance to research. This week will be an interesting one, stay tuned for more of the same from the Dollar and ready your eyes down under.

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