Top 10 Online Brokers for Bitcoin Trading

Online brokers are basically the most important aspect of the present-day crypto-currency trade. Bitcoin is among the most recognized and certainly the leading crypto-currency.

For the people that have no idea regarding where to buy bitcoin online, this list brings to them a unique assortment of the leading Top 10 online brokers for Bitcoin Trading.

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The leading Bitcoin trading sites at present are as follows:

  1. Etoro: Etoro since in the 2006 year and has been among the leading bitcoin trading platforms since its very inception. The trust score is AAA for Etoro and the number of people using Etoro is a mammoth 6000,000.

The company has also been a global Fintech leader since the year 2007.
It is among the oldest companies and accounts for a great premium user experience.

  1. Ava Trade: Ava Trade since in 2006 and has been among the premier contenders for the leading spot alongside Etoro. It has a trust score of AAA and has a user base of around 200,000.
    It is presently regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC. It is accounted to be among the most reliable bitcoin trading sites in the present-market owing to the fact that they have a secured database which is transparent to the users and virtually impossible to be hacked.
  2. Plus 500: Over the years since its inception in 2008, Plus 500 has been emerging as a promising bitcoin trading platform of the modern times. It has a trust score of Bowing to the fact that it’s relatively new, yet promising. Presently it is used worldwide by around 180,000 people and has been witnessing a steady growth in numbers as well.
    They account for no commissions and offer leverage of up to 1:300. They have a fast and reliable order execution system which is accounted for its safety and great experience.  
  3. BitMEX: BitMEX provides for a 100:1 leverage to its users and also provides first time users with a 10% fee discount for the first 6 months. It has a BTC pairing with USD, CNY, and JPY and provides for access to all major crypto-currencies.
    The premier benefits of associating with “BitMEX” include high leverage rates, high trade volume, and premium level security to prevent any form of malicious activities.
  4. WhaleClub: Over the years, “WhaleClub” has been able to integrate a consolidated trader’s base which has been among the major reasons for its growth.
    The company at present has been providing 30% deposit bonus and also account for no trading fees. They also provide for a demo mode to enhance their user experience, especially for the ones that are not essentially familiarized with the market.
    The demo accounts coupled with anonymous trading experience makes “WhaleClub” one of the most promising contenders for a premium bitcoin trading platform.
  5. BITFINEX: BITFINEX has been among the most promising bitcoin trading sites in the modern times. However, shortly after its inception, the site was hacked. The company thereafter has worked extensively on the site security following which it is addressed as one of the most secure sites of the present times.
    Its major BTC pairing has been only USD and the platform supports all the major crypto-currencies of the modern times. The platform also features advanced order types, a high trade volume, and margin trading as well.   bitcoin-trading-platform image


At present these are among the leading sites which offer the best experience as decentralized bitcoin trading platforms. Apart from the aforementioned “FXTM”, “”, “Pepperstone” and “Oeasy markets” occupy the respective positions in the numerical order. However, there are a number of reasons as to why “Etoro”, Ava Trade and Plus 500 lead the list with an edge.


Factors Contributing to the benefits of the trading platforms

Authority Regulation:

Ava Trade, Etoro, and Plus 500 are among the leading bitcoin trading platforms in the present day market since they have a regulating authority which overlooks all the crucial and sensitive aspects of online trading.

These sites are protected from money-laundering scams which are quite common in the online trading Arcadia. Authoritative regulations for a decentralized platform are apparently one of the most important aspects to ensure a fair and genuine trading experience.

Premium Security:

All of the online bitcoin trading platforms can be hacked if the security isn’t premium. There have been instances where some of the present day leading sites had been hacked. “BITFINEX” is among the most prominent examples since the site was hacked in the year 2016.

Multi-layered security along with high-end encryptions helps to make the online servers and database security. All of the leading bitcoin trading sites along with BITFINEX make the use of modern day 64 bit-encryptions and multi-layered security protocols to guard their servers and also to bring forth a seamless user experience.

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Account Types and Customization

All of the premier trading sites offer multiple account options to their users. At the same time, several elements contributing to customization of the accounts are also present. The online brokers may also provide for demo accounts and specialized accounts catered to new users.

In either way, having multiple account types provided by the online brokers can have a major impact on the user experience. This is definitely one of the leading aspects of being a preferred bitcoin trading platform above the others.

The final call

There are a large number of premium BTC trading platforms that have been surfacing for a very long period of time. Therefore the competition is expected to increase and get even more intense.

However, there are still a certain set of features that will ensure that certain sites have an edge on the others. It is important that we spot such sites and associate with them following proper background research and market acclimatization.

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